Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Holiday Weekend at Rumbling Bald

This past weekend, in the bitter cold, the South Carolina crew descended upon Rumbling Bald. We brought with us equal measures of courage, valor, and fear. We delivered our hearts' payload upon the boulders, and lost ourselves in the passion of battle. Fingers bled, dogs howled, grown men wept. Ultimately, gravity gained the day, but we all vowed to return, stronger and wiser. Yeah, right. We'll see how that goes...

Ian on a series of moves through the Patio Roof. This problem was on my project list at Rumbling Bald, and I was extremely glad to have climbed it on Sunday. A crumby video of the send is forthcoming.

Brad about to top out Shady Grove

Anthony shows the French Maid his angry face

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Crowning Achievement

It's about to get radical. Consider yourself warned.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Orb

Rocktown's The Orb is one of those boulder problems with a really classic appeal. It follows an obvious horizontal line of water grooves and slopers, finishing on the bulging end of a pill-shaped boulder. It is quintessentially southern sandstone.

Previously this season, The Orb has thwarted me, and sent me away sulking. My failure usually arose from poor endurance, soggy conditions, and general fat-assedness. But I am happy to report that as of today, The Orb is no longer my project. That is an indirect way of saying "I SENT THE DAMN THING AND I'M SO, SO HAPPY!!!" It was an incredible day at Rocktown, with perfect conditions. I'll remember it always.

As if to bolster my euphoria, the trip home through Atlanta was actually pleasant for a change. The weather was mild, tractor trailers gave me a wide berth, and busty Southern Belles emerged from sunroofs smiling and waving...

As you read this, you may ask yourself "Is it really that big of deal?" or "Does a moderately difficult little pebble like The Orb really warrant such lofty language?" And as I sit here, traversing the pleasant states of Champagne-induced inebriation, I can conjure up only one answer: Yes. A thousand times yes.

Below are various Rocktown images. None of The Orb, unfortunately.

Lab Rats

Nose Candy

Sherman Photo Roof

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Graceful Conquests in Utah

For your viewing pleasure: A piss-poor video of J. Fish and I climbing in Utah many moons ago. As you will see, my technological savvy is only marginally greater than my mantling skills. Luckily, Blog Spot makes this interface relatively idiot-resistant. Enjoy.