Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Palmetto Ruckus

They're all called Dixie.

Still a project...

Brad on the FA of Terra Firma.  Thin and techy.  Beautiful.  And, note this, it's in South Carolina.  Weird.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Call to Arms (well, fingers mostly)

The season is beginning to wind down in the Deep South. The temperature has risen and new foliage is threatening to burst forth at any moment. With the burgeoning greenery will come diminished forest visibility and, of course, increased humidity. Therefore, I have urgently renewed my search for boulders in the "mountains" of South Carolina, lest I be put off until November.

So far, the most promising area appears to be Table Rock State Park. The rock here bears a resemblance to that of Rumbling Bald, if a bit more blank looking. Most of the lines seem fairly difficult, but decidedly worth the effort needed to climb them (note: By decidedly, I mean that I, and I alone, have decided. All the blather hereafter will be a floundering attempt to convince you to get psyched, join me in my development effort, and publicly concur with my original assertion, which is, in case you've already forgotten: These lines are decidedly worth the effort). Moreover, I feel certain that I've only seen a small sample of the available problems. I have not even begun to explore the daunting expanse of territory actually below the Table Rock massif. Perhaps an intrepid partner will help me do so.

So here is my appeal: Come tromp through the woods with me. I'll provide coffee and beer, before and after, in any order you choose. There might be a great deal of hiking involved, but your cardiovascular system and I will be very grateful. See you soon.

This is a cool looking dyno project. Being that I have the stature of a T-Rex and the angular limb velocity of a sloth, I stand firmly against dynos (get it?). But I implore some of my lanky, spring-loaded friends to come climb this, and give it a much cooler name than I would.


Insert proud line here...


Friday, February 8, 2008

Soggy Slogging Through the South

I recently took a couple of weeks away from work to thoroughly roadtrip through the Southeast. I began by climbing at Rumbling Bald with some Columbia folks. Always a treat. Then, good friend Jason Pinto flew in from Colorado to accompany me on what was supposed to be an eat-your-heart-out-General-Sherman razing of the sandstone bouldering areas. In retrospect, that expectation might have been a bit grandiose.

At the outset, we enjoyed two sunny days at Rocktown, as well as one at Horse Pens 40. The remainder of the trip was miserably rainy, unfortunately skewing the climbing-day to rest-day ratio. Damp boulders beget damper morale. However, I suppose we should be grateful that we emerged unscathed. The storms that snuffed out our psych culminated in catostrophic tornadoes nearby, which makes our bitching seem pretty trifling.

A few pictures:

Anthony on Contact at Rumbling Bald

Pinto on Cuts Like a Knife at HP40
Brad on Red Lobster at HP40
Here is a public cry for help: I'd like to share a few videos of various climbing exploits, but I'm totally mired in ineptitude, and therefore unable to do so. I'm working with a computer that is new to me, and can't figure out how upload (or is it download? lateral load? I don't know...) video from my camera. When I did this before, I used a fire-wire. However, this computer doesn't seem to have the appropriate outlet. Help me, please. Is there some other way? Will a USB work? I'm at a loss.