Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mt. Evans

Justin Fish warming up on the Ladder.  This climb is arguably one of the finest warmups on the planet, depending on your perspective, of course.  A lot of my projects make good warmups for the tough kids.

Justin warming his head up on Timeline. 

Far too many photos of Bierstadt, a problem I've yet to complete.  After a few days of work on it, I've managed to link it from the bottom to the top, where I've fallen off several times now. This Monday will be the day of reckoning (or, failing a send, Wednesday). My skin is conditioned, my muscle memory is intact, and I am so psyched I can barely sit still to type this. The celebratory beverage sits chilling in the refrigerator. Good thing I don't believe in "jinxes."

Justin brings his newly honed trad skills to bear on Seurat.  Just wait until he brings his refreshed bouldering skills to bear on trad climbing.  CRUSH!!!