Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Joe's Valley

Last week, I spent four days climbing in Joe's Valley, where I was reminded -- as if I could ever forget -- how much I like sandstone. I was also reminded that static climbing has its limitations, and if I'm ever to be a more versatile boulderer, I must overcome my aversion to dynamic movement. Indeed, nearly every classic line that I attempted in Joe's involves a difficult throw or deadpoint. This style of climbing is not within my skill-set, but I wish it was. So I'll be heading back to Joe's in two weeks, with hopes of learning a thing or two about the biomechanics of huck (or, failing that, I'll find out where all the static, lock-off problems reside).  

Justin warming up on the Angler.

Big Joe

They Call Him Jordan. They call me a goddamn chump who couldn't jump if his life depended on it. And one day it might. Who knows?

Simone is an honest dog, who doesn't feign motivation when tired. Instead, she rests her ragged paws and worn muscles, and laughs at the cavalier conceits of her human companions who refuse to do the same.

Justin executing "the move" on Maxipad.

Team Effort

See? Team Effort.