Tuesday, September 2, 2008


SENT!!! YES!!!

*All-caps and exclamation points are useful in conveying the full thrust of my excitement, wouldn't you say? Oh, and I nearly forget:  SO PSYCHED!!! 


Jason Huston said...

Congrats, Ryan!

Way proud. I assume the late in the day post is due to the post-send hangover?

hayden said...

stumbled across your blog. nice send dude. was it a right when you got there crush?

Ryan Brazell said...

Not at all, which of course adds dramatic texture to the script... I fell from the lip twice, too pumped to pull myself over. We came back to it after the sun had performed its deed on the crimps. I had to wait until it was fully in the shade again.

And yes, Jason, I boozed it pretty hard afterwards, but I probably would have done that either way.

Thanks for the support guys!