Sunday, January 4, 2009

Rumbling Bald

I left Colorado over two weeks ago with the intention of climbing in the Southeast for a month. So far, I've only logged in six days of climbing, and have spent the rest of the time schmoozing with friends and family. Now that I'm finally regaining my curmudgeonly composure and swearing off all social interactions that aren't directly related to climbing, I find myself beset by bad weather. Karma? Nonsense. Go to hell.*

Anyway, here are some photos that I snapped on the East Side of Rumbling Bald.  


Anthony on Pit BBQ

Anthony on Brackish Water

Danielle on the Uplifter

A couple of moves through Panhandler

Finishing out the day on the North Carolinian

*You all know that I'm joking, right? Please call. I'm ever so lonely...


the whitest kid you know said...

Mr. Brazzell,
I'm glad to see that your month in the southeast is treating you well, with any luck the ratio of climbing to schmoozing will be significantly altered in your favor. Anyhow, just wanted to say it was a pleasure meeting slash climbing with you and whenever you manage your way back out west and perhaps feel like coming northward for a bit, I'd be more than happy to show you around vedauwoo. I know a crappy old hotel with plenty of couchspace that even accepts dogs (provided simone is friendly with the resident canines). Well, enjoy whats left of your pilgrimmage through the homeland.
-michael molony-

Ryan Brazell said...

Thanks Michael! Sorry we didn't get to climb together more. I hope your second Rocktown trip was a success. I'll give you a call in the spring re: Vedauwoo, and am happy to show you around any Colorado areas that you have yet to visit. Take care.